Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Video Tutorial - Takhti Software

Discover the power of this free software to type Hindi- Watch this video- 

How to type Hindi in Gmail?

You may have received some Hindi emails and now even you want to send Hindi emails? It’s a good thing and it has now got better. Google has made it very easy to type Hindi in Gmail.
Step 1>
Log on to your Gmail account and click on ‘compose’ in the left side below the Gmail logo. After you click ‘compose’ the new compose email box will open. You have to write your emails their. Now if you want to type in Hindi then all you have to do is click the ‘’ sign at the top of the compose email box. Shown below-

Step 2>
Once you click the downward arrow adjoining ’ sign then a box with language options opens up. There you have to choose your preferred language. It includes many Indian languages such as Marathi, Bengali, Tamil, and Gujarati etc. You choose ‘Hindi’. Shown Below-

Step 3>
Now you are ready to type Hindi. Gmail is a phonetic editor and uses transliteration to convert English script into Hindi. So you can type Hindi using your English keyboard.
If you type ‘hum’ then it will appear ‘हम’ in Hindi. If you type ‘mere vatan ke logo’ then in Gmail it will appear as ‘मेरे वतन के लोगो’.It also throws word options in case you spell any word wrongly. Learn more about Google Transliteration. Here’s a snapshot-

After you finish writing, you can send the email. You can also copy-paste that Hindi content on other websites like Facebook, Twitter etc.
Click here for more in-depth tutorial on How to type Hindi in Gmail and Google transliteration with snapshots and video tutorial.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Takhti Software - Snapshots

Takhti Tutorial - How To Type Joint letters in Hindi

Usage of joint letters like क्या (kya), and प्र (pra) is tremendous in Hindi. So it is but obvious that you would like to incorporate them in your sentences while typing Hindi using Takhti. Here is the tutorial that will guide you-

For joining any two letters in Takhti, you have to just insert the alphabet ‘x’ in between them. ‘x’ will join the letters which are adjoining it. For eg, for typing क्य, you have to insert ‘kxy’ in Takhti. More examples below-

This table will guide you:-

Input in Takhti Software
Hindi word formed


                                                             View more screenshots>>

For deeper understanding, see how Hindi words are written with joint letters in the following table. Underlined alphabets have been used to type joint letters-

Input in Takhti Software
Hindi word formed

Understood or not? Have a look at this video tutorial.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

How to insert Hindi symbols in Takhti software.

Takhti Free Hindi Typing Software

One can easily insert Hindi symbols in Takhti software while typing Hindi. The symbols that can be inserted have been shown in the keyboard table in Takhti. To view the keyboard table go to view> show keyboard. It will look something like this-
I have prepared a table for you to show the different keys that you have to insert in Takhti in order to get your desired symbol-

Keys to enter in Takhti
Hindi symbol that you will get
    (such as in पा)
ि     (पि)
  ( as a ‘halant’ or to type joint letters)
   (Hindi full-stop)
?  (same)

In order to insert English symbols like $ (the dollar sign) or & (and) etc, you can toggle between Hindi and English by pressing SHIFT + Q. If you want to return to Hindi again press SHIFT + Q. Thus you can type in both English and Hindi using Takhti.

Many other symbols can be inserted in Takhti which have been shown in keyboard table. The keyboard table shows you which English alphabet to type in order to get its Hindi letter. Joint letters can be typed by inserting ‘x’ between the letters to be typed (like क्या).

Didn’t understand? Take a look at this video tutorial.

How to type Hindi sentences using Takhti Hindi Wordpad Software

Hindi sentences can be easily typed on your computer or online (like on Facebook, Twitter etc). Just download Takhti software from here. To read how to install it, read this- Takhti Hindi wordpad software. Unlike Gmail, Google Transliteration, this software is not a phonetic converter. In this post, I will show you how to type Hindi sentences using Takhti Hindi Wordpad Software.

For better grasping I recommend you to read this- How to type Hindi using Takhti Hindi wordpad software.  Or take a look at this Video Tutorial.

Takhti software enables you to type Hindi using your English keyboard. To know which key to enter to get its Hindi alphabet, go to view> show keyboard. A new window will open which will look like this.

The letters typed at the bottom of every square can be typed by pressing the corresponding key. The letter on the top of every square can be obtained by pressing SHIFT + the corresponding key. Even many Hindi symbols can be inserted which are shown in keyboard table. Read this- How to insert Hindi symbols using Takhti software.

Now let me show you some examples of Hindi sentences typed using Takhti-

Hindi sentence- हम सब भारतीय है
Input in Takhti- hm sb BartIy hE
Hindi sentence- मेरा भारत महान
Input in Takhti-  mera Bart mhan
Hindi sentence- भ्रष्टाचार के खिलाफ छेडा आंदोलन..
Input in Takhti- BxrQxTacar ke Kilaf CeDa $zdoln..
Hindi sentence- अब तुम्हारे हवाले वतन साथीयों..
Input in Takhti- Ab tumxhare hvale vtn saXIyoz

Hindi sentence- सारा जमाना हसिनों का दिवाना..
Input in Takhti- sara jmana hsinO ka divana

Understood or not? Watch this video tutorial I have prepared.

How To Type Hindi Using Takhti Free Software

Takhti is a nice and light software to write Hindi online or elsewhere. And it is completely free. Read more about Takhti Hindi Software. Typing Hindi with Takhti Hindi wordpad is very easy. In order to type in Hindi using Takhti, you first have to download the software and then install it. To know from where to download and how to install Takhti on your computer, click here. Afraid of reading BIG texts? Watch this Video Tutorial>>


¨Takhti software is not a phonetic software. This means that you cannot type words in English as you want them to be in Hindi. For example- if you want to type ‘दीपावली’ then you cannot type just its English spelling ‘Dipavali’. Takhti will not recognize this. You will have to type ‘dipavlI’. Thus, for Takhti software there are predefined values for every letter on your English keyboard. More examples:
  English keys to                         
 In Hindi






¨            After typing Hindi in Takhti software, you can copy-paste your content on any other website or in Microsoft Word or wherever you want to.


1>    Open the Takhti Hindi wordpad by clicking on the icon.
2>    A new window will open which has title ‘takhti wordpad’. Here is a snapshot-
3>    Now, if you press the button ‘A’ on your keyboard, the Hindi letter ‘’ will appear. Similarly, if you press ‘B’, Hindi letter ‘’ will appear in the wordpad. But if you press shift + B, then the letter ‘’ will appear on screen. Thus by pressing each key, you can type Hindi quite comfortably.
4>    You can type by pressing ‘p’. you can type पा by pressing p + shift + 4. I have prepared a table that will help you-

Keys to enter
Hindi word that will get typed
pI          (p, shift + i)
pE         (p, shift + e)
pO        (p, shift + o)
pU        (p, shift + u)
र्प              (joint letters)
प्र              (joint letters)
प्य            (joint letters)

5> Takhti software comes with a keyboard format table preinstalled in it. The keyboard table shows you which English alphabet you have to type to turn it into Hindi script. You can view that table by going to view> show keyboard. It will look something like this:-

6>You can type joint letters such as ‘न्य’and ‘ब्र’ by including the letter ‘x’ in between the two letters to be joined. For example-

Keys to be entered
 Hindi letter formed

7> Symbols can be inserted such as comma, full stop and exclamatory and question marks by referring to the keyboard table. Many other symbols can also be inserted. Read more here- How to type Hindi symbols using Takhti software.

8> Vowels can be entered. Refer the keyboard table.
                                                                                                                                                                                           For deeper knowledge, I recommend you this>> How to type Hindi sentences using Takhti Software.


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