Wednesday, 16 November 2011

How to type Hindi in Gmail?

You may have received some Hindi emails and now even you want to send Hindi emails? It’s a good thing and it has now got better. Google has made it very easy to type Hindi in Gmail.
Step 1>
Log on to your Gmail account and click on ‘compose’ in the left side below the Gmail logo. After you click ‘compose’ the new compose email box will open. You have to write your emails their. Now if you want to type in Hindi then all you have to do is click the ‘’ sign at the top of the compose email box. Shown below-

Step 2>
Once you click the downward arrow adjoining ’ sign then a box with language options opens up. There you have to choose your preferred language. It includes many Indian languages such as Marathi, Bengali, Tamil, and Gujarati etc. You choose ‘Hindi’. Shown Below-

Step 3>
Now you are ready to type Hindi. Gmail is a phonetic editor and uses transliteration to convert English script into Hindi. So you can type Hindi using your English keyboard.
If you type ‘hum’ then it will appear ‘हम’ in Hindi. If you type ‘mere vatan ke logo’ then in Gmail it will appear as ‘मेरे वतन के लोगो’.It also throws word options in case you spell any word wrongly. Learn more about Google Transliteration. Here’s a snapshot-

After you finish writing, you can send the email. You can also copy-paste that Hindi content on other websites like Facebook, Twitter etc.
Click here for more in-depth tutorial on How to type Hindi in Gmail and Google transliteration with snapshots and video tutorial.


Nice tutorial on how to write in hindi. Now writing in hindi in mobile phones is also possible using jar application.

i don't get the option to write in another language in my gmail compose box.. what should i do?

Thanks ravi for your kind words.

Look for the hindi 'a' symbol minisha.

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