Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Takhti Software - Type Hindi Offline easily for Free

Takhti is a nice and small program for writing Hindi online or elsewhere. It consists of a wordpad in which you can type using your English keyboard and it translates automatically into Hindi letters (or Devanagari script). The best part is that Takhti software is completely free program. It is offline software. That is, you don’t require an internet connection to type. Takhti software comes for Windows operating system NT, XP, and Vista.      [See specification table]

Takhti Hindi wordpad can be downloaded for free from Or you can directly download it
from here.

                                                                                     More Takhti snapshots>>

Takhti is not a phonetic word editor [See-What is phonetic word editor?]. Thus, each key on your English keyboard has certain predefined values for Takhti. Hence, while typing, you can enjoy typing Hindi. But it can be a little tricky for beginners. I have written a tutorial How to type Hindi using Takhti free software: For beginners. Read it.


Installing Takhti Hindi wordpad software is very easy. Follow the following 3 steps:
1Download the software from above link or directly from here.

2The file comes in .zip format. Unzip it using Winzip or any other program and extract all the files. Remember, extract all the files or else the program won’t work.

3Now go to your download folder. You will see a Takhti logo icon with a Hindi letter ‘’ enclosed in a green box. Click on it and a wordpad opens in a new window. You are ready to type Hindi!!


Type in Indian Languages Online and Offline (Download)

Do you have any easier way to download. why facebook is necessary when facebook has nothing to do with your software.

is this site working as an agent to facebook? tell me the other way to download takhti software, if you have one.

I use this online hindi typing tool for FREE to write in hindi ..

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